Month: December 2020

The Growth of Purple Alpaca & Purchase of AlpacaBarns

When we initially set to start our alpaca farm, we had intended to “pace” ourselves.  Purchasing 4 alpaca, with board, prior to our relocation and planning to use them as our primary herd.  This would give us some extra time to set up our fencing, barns, plan for growth.  Three of the ladies were pregnant, aiming to give us a total of 7 and one to be bred before she arrived.  A perfect little starter herd.

Incredibly enough, while aimlessly scrolling Facebook and sitting in our hotel waiting for our farm purchase to close, I found a post by Pat from AlpacaBarns out near Statesville in North Carolina.  Her post stated that it was time for a change and so they were selling their 16 specifically bred accoyo alpacas — with their gear, fencing, fiber, and products.

They have been breeding and working with their alpacas since 2007; starting during the alpaca boom.  During this time, alpacas were a lot about being simply alpacas — breeding and showing.  Creating the best alpacas.  Fiber was involved but the industry money was deeply tied in the quality of the alpacas you were producing.  Alpacabarns were producing beautiful alpacas.

AlpacaBarns alpacas were bred Accoyos.  An accoyo alpaca is one that is bred at an Accoyo Ranch in Peru (where alpaca come from).  Here in the states, the term Accoyo also ties with those descendants of two accoyo parents.  All of Alpacabarns alpacas can be lineage linked to the alpaca source — Peru.  This effort from Pat, and her husband Dave, has led to beautifully strong alpacas with lush and dense fiber.

So interesting, right?  What a unique farm experience and an incredible farm venture by two special people.  As all good fairy tales go, after meeting them and their alpaca, we fell in love.  Can you guess what happened next?

Over the last 3 weeks, Pat & Dave have shared an adventure with us — helping us learn, relocate, and get hands on with our alpaca.  They’re fast and they all didn’t want to travel.  Running boots required.  As of this past weekend, we now have 19 alpaca on site.  16 girls and 4 boys.   We got some fences up fast.  We are still in process of doing some final equipment transfers but working with Pat & Dave has been amazing.  They’ve shared with us as we went through some difficult transitions (the loss of Vivian, another blog for another time) and in all the good momments.

We are really excited to announce our purchase of Alpacabarns Accoyo Alpacas and business and hope that we can serve both their customers and their alpaca as well as they have all these years.  When opportunity comes knocking, it’s good to open the door and leave our preconceptions behind.  You never know what amazing things are behind it… and now, we have the perfect little starter herd.

Open for Business!


We’re open for business! We are so excited to announce our launch on November 30th, 2020 with our website.

2020 has been an interesting, adventure filled, journey that has led us to this farm in Boonville, North Carolina. It has been humbling, exciting, but also given us back the calm that comes with being part of nature. This was something that we found we were missing where we were and something we wanted to, not only get, but to give to others.

Tours start Dec 2020.

Thank you for reading and we hope we get to share our alpacas with you locally and through our products!