About Us

Our Story

To stand still is to fall behind – Mark Twain

Our journey to farming is a story of finding our identity. Our way to express ourselves in the work we do and the life we live.
We have lived the city life throughout our early adulthood, gave birth to two strong & independent daughters, and adhered to the quintessential suburban life.

But as we grew old of our consumption, the dreary cityscapes and the speed at which we saw our daughters grow up we realized a drastic change needed to happen. Going back to “basics” as one would say, we have always enjoyed homesteading. Alpacas came as a natural extension to Gloria’s extensive weaving hobby and Nora’s equestrian experience and so we bought this beautiful farm on 33 acres.

We love to share the story with everyone who would like to listen.
Come and join us on our endeavor to live what we dream.

Our Values

Live Sustainably
Use what you need and view the world around you as holistic system. Sustainability can be direct or indirect, don’t discount your effect on the ecosystem.
Make by hand
Products made by hand last longer, have a sentiment and infuse the makers style. They become pieces of art, share a story and are gifts of meaning.
Be Human (and humble)
To be human is to connect with others and to empathize with the needs of the people around you. It is to be curious and to not lose your sense of wonder.
Give Back
We receive a lot from the people and environment around us. Show gratitude and make sure to give back in form of education, support and funds.

Gloria Folaron

Managing Partner, Fiber Production

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power or our will. ” ― Epictetus

There is a serene sense of calm when you find what you love doing. Things start to make sense and time changes to an allegory of wonder.

I have not been a very creative person throughout my life, willingly or unknowingly. I found myself in awe of colors, fibers and textures when I started to babywear. The more I looked into it the more I felt a calling to create, to pour my heart into it. Weaving and fiber processing became a natural extension of this desire.

Today I have found that finding ones creative side can be a life long process and I am grateful to have an outlet that lets me share my passion with the world.

Marcel Folaron

Partner, Technology and Operations

Bio Coming Soon

David Knoebel

Partner, Glamping

Bio Coming Soon

The Road Ahead

It won’t be easy but it will be worth it

We have a lot to learn, a lot to explore and a lot to fight for.
We are humble to be given this opportunity and eager to make the best of it. The next few months and years will ascend us into what we are planning to be and with the help of the community and everyone around we are sure to call this new chapter of our lives the best one yet.

This farm will grow, new products will arrive and we have a lot of ideas we will be sharing with your over the next few weeks and months to come.

Thank you for your support!