Team Building Events

Building a stronger team…

… requires good communication, collaboration, innovation and bonding together. 

At Purple Alpaca, we recognize that organizational growth is founded by the team running the work.  It’s so important to give back to the team, away from the hustle & bustle, and find new ways to work together.

Animals and nature naturally give us many of the things we need in life – and our alpacas are no different in helping promote the components of a healthy team. We’ve designed several alpaca driven activities to help build communication, support, and team function in a unique and challenging experience here on the farm.

“Organizing Alpacas” or Standing Tall


Ideal for smaller corporate teams of 10 or less, $25/per person.  Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours long.

Forming a single team, participants will work to organize and stand the alpacas in a row from tallest to smallest.  Alpacas must stay in lined order until all have been organized.  Teams will have 45 minutes to complete tasks.

This task allows for use of items in pasture and so teams must find resources to be successful.

This event has a high level of difficulty for success.  The goal of this event is to foster an environment of safe stress, requiring good communication, resource finding and directing, and an opportunity to discuss the challenge and teamwork afterward.


“Alpaca Herding” or Like Herding Cats Event 


$30/per person.  1-1.5 hours.

Breaking into teams, we’ll teach safe alpaca handling techniques and set up opposing pens and teams will work together to herd alpacas into their team’s pen.

Teams will have to work to have strong communication skills, directing each other and supporting each other to prevent alpaca escape, maintain the contained alpaca, and in directing new alpaca to their specific pen.

Teams will have 20 minutes to coordinate together and herd alpacas. Team with the most alpacas in their pen at the end of 20 minutes is declared “winner”.

There will be a led post event retrospective to discuss what went well, what didn’t work, and what could be improved on and what would be good to keep for teams.

Add A Farm Tour

Add a farm tour to the event for a discounted $7/per person.  

For corporate events booking only a private tour, rates are $12 per person. For groups 20 people or more, tours are $10 per person.  

Tours are highly encouraged to increase team comfort and knowledge of alpaca prior to team events.

Additional options to include: catered meals ordered and set up in an alpaca pasture and under larger full barn coverage coming.  Please inquire below for more details.

Bring the Experience Home

Guided Soap Felting Experience

Guided Soap Felting Experience

$12.50 per person

Hands on into raw alpaca fiber, you and your family will be guided through the felting process by felting fiber onto bars of soap.  Alpaca fiber has been studied to show antibacterial properties — this then creates a softer loofa feel, while maintaining a cleaner surface and extending the life of your soap bar.

Soap Felting Experience Take Home Kit

Soap Felting Experience Take Home Kit

$7.50 per person

This kit is the perfect way to keep the memories going.  Our soap felting kits include a homemade bar of soap, raw alpaca fiber and fleece and instructions on how to make a felted bar of soap.  Ideal for those co-workers that couldn’t make it, for employees to bring their learning home, or to even just keep those office hands clean.

Event Photography

The Office Photo $40

Includes one digital edited photo via online gallery 


Team Building Photography $200

Includes online gallery, 20 edited digital photos, and up to 1 hour of photography during events


All Inclusive Photography   $400

Includes online gallery, 40 edited digital photos and up to 2.5 hours of photography

Event Photography

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