Special Event: Homeschool Tour

Welcome to Purple Alpaca!  We’re excited that you are interested in coming to meet our alpacas, see our farm and learn more about these curious and fluffy animals.

Your tour will include meeting our boys, learning a little about them and their differences from the girls.  We’ll then move on into the girls pasture.  This pasture is all girls with our first baby boy, Siegfried.

In this pasture, you’ll get to stop, meet (hopefully pet!) and feed the alpacas.  We’ll learn about why we raise them, how their fiber is used and what other uses alpacas have — like their “black gold”.  

From there, we’ll take a tour down to our fiber workshop where we dye yarn and weave on looms and knit the fiber into fabric and items.  We will also experience the raw fleece before it becomes yarn and the differences in comparison to wool.  

Soap Felting

For this tour, we are also offering a soap felting experience.  We make our own soap and use our alpaca fleece to felt into the bar.  Felting the fiber into the bar creates a natural loofah, softening the soap.  Due to the nature of the fiber, it has antibacterial properties and some natural water wicking. It will make the bar last longer while offering light exfoliation.  Adding this experience, we will have an outdoor station with instruction that includes a mini kids bar of soap and fiber.  This is a fun water activity and helps get the kids engaged in washing their hands! Additional take home kits will be available for purchase.  See samples of our soaps here.

Tour times

10:00 am 

11:30 am


$5 for adults

$10 per student

$15 per student with soap felting experience

Children ages 0-2 are free.

General safety items:  Please wear shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty as there is walking around in the barns and pastures on uneven ground.  In effort to comply with COVID safety mandates, people ages 5 and up are required to have facial coverings even for the outdoor activities. 

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Tips for a great alpaca adventure:

  • Wear comfy shoes for uneven terrain and weather appropriate clothes.
  • Alpacas have their own minds and personalities.  Don’t get discouraged if they don’t come running to greet you.  The alpacas will let you know if it’s ok to pet them and we’ll be here to help guide you.
  • Alpacas can kick if they get startled or scared.  We recommend staying away from their hind quarters.


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